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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage heals by assisting the body to regain normal functioning, moves blood and lymph fluid for better circulation, breaks up scar tissue giving tissue and bones better movement, promotes the flow of metabolic waste from muscles, organs, tissues, for better elimination, stimulates digestion in the stomach and intestines, reduces inflammation and relieves pain, calms irritated nerves, stimulates tired muscles and relaxes tight muscles, eases stiff joints.

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The National Institute of Health as well as numerous medical studies has proven the following benefits: Boosts circulation – Relaxes tense muscles – Improves your posture – Increases range of motion – Reduces stress and anxiety – Stimulates energy flow – Balances the Nervous System – Enhances the Immune System
Fatigue – Arthritis – Insomnia – Headaches – Poor Posture – Fibromyalgia – Ankle and foot pain – Arm & Leg Problems – Stress management – Depression and anxiety – Muscle pain and stiffness – Sports injuries and Recovery – Neck, shoulder and lower back pain – Muscle Sprains and Strains – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Why Get A Massage

      • Stimulate and Detoxify the Body
      • Relax Muscle Tension and Improve Flexibility
      • Recover From Injury Faster
      • Relieves Pain & Reduces Stress